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Another Environmental Holiday: Prepping for Valentines

Next week Wednesday is Valentine's day, just in case you are like me and don't always remember those kinds of holidays. I've tried to provide a blurb about how to apply my money-saving and recycling ideas to holiday plans for most major holidays. Since Valentine's day in the United States is basically a consumer driven holiday, for most people, it means buying candies and flowers and going out for dinner if you have a date.


Have you bought your valentine's candy yet? What kind of candy are you getting? Chocolate or sugar? Either way, here is how you can make this a more environmentally friendly choice:

  • Choose candy which only has 1 layer of packaging (as opposed to being individually wrapped within a bag)
  • Buy in bulk to save money
    • or even don't buy until after the holiday so you can get those awesome discounts
  • See if you can find the candy you want in the dumpster first


Are you going to buy flowers? How have you gotten them? We find flowers in the dumpster all the time. I always suggest checking there first if you want flowers, since those are free and usually just as good as what can be bought. The one thing I am highly against is buying flowers from somewhere like 1-800-flowers or a similar site because that means paying for flower transport. By flower transport, I mean the shipping costs and all of the environmental costs associated with shipping.

I could also suggest going local to make sure that you have the lowest environmental cost possible. Unfortunately, unless you live in a more temperate climate than I do, you probably can't just go pick some flowers. Here is an even more outrageous idea: buy a whole plant instead of cut flowers.

Flower Disposal

Now, once your flowers wilt and die, which they will do because they were alive and if they are cut, they won't last forever, you need to do something with them. My suggestion is to dispose of them in a compost pile. Whatever you do, do not throw them in the trash. Doing so is terrible for the environment.

Other Things

The moral of my story is that if you are going to get something of an organic nature (like food or flowers), make sure that you dispose of them in a proper manner. Don't pay exorbitant prices when you don't have to. Be good to the environment when you can.

So what Valentine's items are you getting? And what are you going to do with them?

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