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For the most part, I think the answer to that question is yes, buying local food is better. With local food, not only do you lower the cost (both economically and environmentally) of your food, you help bolster the local economy. But let's look at the pros and cans and see what the food tells us. ...continue reading "Is buying local food better? Or are we just being chums?"

I found this nifty invention that I think all of you might be interested in. Farmbot is a farming tool that may change the way that you garden. ...continue reading "Farmbot Genesis: A New Way to Garden"

Ever heard of Solar Roadways? If you have, I hope you agree that this is super cool. If not, I hope you learn a little something and look a bit more into the technology. ...continue reading "Solar Roadways: Pathway to the Future"

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a program called the Food Recovery Challenge. One aspect of the EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program is the Sustainable Management of Food. Under this umbrella, the EPA presents information about food waste in general, what businesses can do, and what individuals can do. ...continue reading "Sustainability in Food: The Food Recovery Challenge"

Every summer, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) holds a conference where various companies and scientists in the food industry can mingle and talk about the hot topics. I love going to this conference because, as someone who is adjacent to food science, I mostly get to sample food and collect goodies. This year, the conference occurred over the last week (June 26-28) in Las Vegas, NV. And, as I have been paying more attention to the food waste and sustainability aspects of the conference, that is what I want to discuss here.
...continue reading "An IFT Convention: Are We Sustainable?"

I recently wrote a post about making the death of a loved one better for the environment. After writing this post, I sat down to talk about what I learned with my sister. We talked about how we treat the death of a human so differently to the death of a pet. So let's talk about what we do when a pet dies and how that impacts the environment. ...continue reading "When a Pet Dies: It’s the Circle of Life"

So I know Monday's posts are usually Finds, but since today is Memorial day, I figured that you all wouldn't mind a switcheroo. Look for the next finds post on Thursday. And today, I'm going to talk about making your Memorial day BBQ a sustainable party. ...continue reading "Memorial Day Special: BBQing with sustainability"

I guess it's time for another one of these.  I was trying to decide what I wanted to talk about today and I just kept thinking about food waste.  But I've done food waste, in each of its sectors: production, retail, and consumers.  So what was there left to talk about, right?  Well, all of those sectors are about how food is wasted today and things we can do about that right now.  But what about in 30 years when the Earth's population has grown to over 9 billion, and we don't have the resources to feed everyone?  So let's talk about future food.  Let's talk about how to make sure we can all eat in another 30 years. ...continue reading "Future Food: Will there be enough to go around?"