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When a Relative Dies, What to do with all of the Stuff

So, my grandmother just died. And if you read this article, I mean my other grandmother. And since I've been helping her out recently, I get to be part of the group that decides what we will do with all of her stuff.

Now, I realize some of you will think I'm being insensitive because I'm already talking about pilfering her stuff. But she was 97. She lived a full life. And I'd imagine she is a whole lot more comfortable now than she was the last couple months. And, her house is just filled with treasures that somebody else might want.

What to do

Some people tend to really struggle with the answer to this question. Somebody just died. And there is just all of this stuff. What do you do with it? Maybe you want to keep some things. Maybe you don't have room for it. Or maybe you don't like the stuff. And what if the will says to liquidate everything?

The easiest one to answer is that you should do whatever the will says to do. If you want to keep some of the things and that doesn't go against what is in the will, go for it. If you don't have room for the stuff, sell it or give it away or trash it. And if you don't like the stuff, don't keep it. There are plenty of things to do with stuff that you don't want to keep.


And now I'm going to talk about some of the things that we have found and really don't plan to keep.

This piano looks great and would be awesome to keep, but none of us play the piano. So it isn't worth keeping for us.




There are a bunch of books here. Some will be kept, but others will either be sold or donated to the local library. Here is the first book in a complete encyclopedia set from 1959.








Looking in the basement we found a number of interesting items that I am sure would be very appreciated by others. We found these flying saucer canisters that would be great replacements for damaged or lost canisters.


We also found a corner of the basement filled with various mason jars. While we will probably keep some, we do not need the massive quantities that are stored here.



So there is more, and when we get to it, it'll end up on ebay. Check back here for links and I hope maybe some of you will find items that you want.

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