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The holidays are over…. Time to recycle your trees

So all the big winter holidays are over now. It is time to move on to normal decorations for your house again. But first, you need to clean up the holiday stuff. Still got your Christmas tree or your Hanukkah bush? Are you holding on to it because you don't know what to do with it? Here is what I think:

Fire Hazard!

If you still have a Christmas tree inside your house, it represents a huge fire hazard. Pine needles, especially dry ones, are extremely flammable. The longer you hold on to a Christmas tree, the dryer it gets. If the tree completely dries out, the fire hazard increases exponentially. With cold winters, some people like to use space heaters. These space heaters, combined with dry needles, can cause a fire. Overcrowding of outlets also increases the risk of sparks flying to cause a fire.

This situation can happen with any plant, but is most likely with pines. This means wreaths, Christmas trees, and any other decorations that use pine needles. The more you have, and the dryer they are, the greater the risk of a fire.

Tree Recycling

So if you have a tree and you need to figure out what to do with it, follow my suggestions. There are a number of options, so choose the right one for you. You could have a bonfire and turn your tree into firewood. You could also throw your tree into a compost pile (probably not whole). Last option I can come up with is to repurpose. You could make something out of the tree or you could give it to someone else, but repurposing is certainly possible.

So if you still have a tree from the holidays, do something with it to prevent a fire. What did you choose to do?

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