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I decided that I would make some flourless almond butter cookies this week because I have about half of a jar of almond butter that should really be used. This cookie recipe seemed like a great way to use up that jar and make something yummy. ...continue reading "Flourless Paleo Almond Butter Cookies"

I decided that I wanted to have some salmon patties for dinner, so I figured that I would share my recipe. My recipe is slightly different than most, as I use almond meal in place of any grains. So let's see how to put it all together and then you can try it too. ...continue reading "Keto Paleo Salmon Patties"

I'm not sure snickerdoodles are technically considered a holiday cookie, but they are my holiday cookie. We might get coerced into making gingerbread cookies too, but these are for us. We were going to make paleo cookies, but since we added butter, these snickerdoodles aren't quite paleo.  ...continue reading "Holiday Recipes: Keto Snickerdoodles"

Since we found something like 11 lbs of ground beef earlier this week and it didn't really look like it would last, we decided to just cook it all right away. We made spaghetti sauce to have with spaghetti squash.  ...continue reading "Slow Cooker Keto Spaghetti Sauce"

In the fall, we often find whole boxes of apples and then have to come up with things to do with them. Although we give some to our parents for baking, that ends up being a lot of apples. Since we both like cider, we decided to try our hand at brewing cider. ...continue reading "Brewing Adventures: Hard Cider Edition"

I decided that today we were going to share a Thanksgiving-related recipe, to try to stay in the holiday spirit. So I hope you all enjoy our version of pumpkin pie: a pumpkin custard that is what my mom usually puts in her pies as filling, but altered. ...continue reading "Thanksgiving Time: InstaPot Pumpkin Custard"

Just found a new use for the Instant Pot: cooking pork ribs. Since my dessert recipes worked out so well and I had ribs from the dumpster that I didn't know how to cook, I decided to cook them using the Instant Pot. So let's go over the recipe I used. ...continue reading "InstaPot Pork Ribs"

If you keep up with our blog, you know that we don't eat bread or other sugar-filled items. As a result, this typically means no pizza, because the crust is very obviously carby. So, when you have a craving and you just need pizza, we came up with this recipe for crustless pizza. ...continue reading "Keto Crustless Pizza"


We felt like having a treat this weekend, so we tried out our flourless chocolate cake recipe using the instant pot. Normally we don't add sugar to our recipes, but in this case, we cheat. Since we are using sweetened chocolate, the chocolate comes with sugar added. ...continue reading "InstaPot Flourless Chocolate Cake"

Last night, I decided I wanted some cookies. I wanted to use up some eggs and almond butter that I found from the dumpster, so I used a recipe that would consume them. Since they turned out pretty well, I thought I would share my recipe. ...continue reading "Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies"