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Ever hit a deer with your car? Ever been hit by a deer? Well, that is what happened to me. A deer ran right into the side of my car while I was driving 35 miles per hour down the road (I was even going under the speed limit!). Now we all know to call our insurance and figure out what to do with your car. But what do you do with the deer? ...continue reading "Deer Disposal: What to do When Nature Strikes Out"

I got food poisoning the other night, and not from anything I found in a dumpster. And since I didn't have anything prepared for today's post, this is what you get. ...continue reading "Food Poisoning: Woes of Store-Bought Food"

I found this nifty invention that I think all of you might be interested in. Farmbot is a farming tool that may change the way that you garden. ...continue reading "Farmbot Genesis: A New Way to Garden"

The other day my mother was telling me about where papers go for recycling at my grandmother's house. And I just kept asking questions, because what she was telling me made no sense. And then it pissed me off because I know that what is being done is wrong. So I'm going to give you a rant about the correct way to recycle. ...continue reading "Single Stream Problems: Are you recycling correctly?"

Ever heard of Solar Roadways? If you have, I hope you agree that this is super cool. If not, I hope you learn a little something and look a bit more into the technology. ...continue reading "Solar Roadways: Pathway to the Future"

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a program called the Food Recovery Challenge. One aspect of the EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program is the Sustainable Management of Food. Under this umbrella, the EPA presents information about food waste in general, what businesses can do, and what individuals can do. ...continue reading "Sustainability in Food: The Food Recovery Challenge"

As a college student, many of us are used to the buffet, eat what you want style of campus dining halls. This is great for feeding a large variety of students whatever they actually want. Right? Wrong. Often, thousands of pounds of food ends up discarded by the end of the day. A single student can only eat so much. And when dining halls don't know how much each person will each of each item, too much food is produced. So how do we solve this problem? ...continue reading "Food Recovery Network: College Students to the Rescue"

After watching Food Evolution, I looked up some information on Jeffrey Smith because I was confused by a few of the references. Like the acknowledgement that he is not a doctor, or even a scientist, but people mistake him for one all the time and he doesn't correct them. Who does that? So anyway, here's my take. ...continue reading "Jeffrey Smith: Friend or Fiend?"

After watching Food Evolution, and thinking about some of the other prominent topics these days, I decided that it would be important to talk about confirmation bias. ...continue reading "Confirmation Bias: How do you side?"


While at the IFT conference, I was able to attend a viewing of Food Evolution. The best part of viewing the movie at the IFT, other than it not costing anything extra, was that the directors and two of the main actors were available for a question and answer session afterwards. Now, the vision for this movie was created with the thought of how to sustainably feed the growing population in 2050. However, that topic was too broad to be covered in a 90 minute movie. So the authors decided to tackle the subject of genetically modified (GM) crops.  ...continue reading "Food Evolution: What’s the Story on GMOs?"