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We recently received a question on how do you know if your finds are still good as well as asking if we have inside information about times to check the dumpster. Since these questions seemed like ones others would have, I decided to just write a post about it. ...continue reading "The Insider’s Scoop: Understanding your Dumpster Diving Climate"

For the most part, I think the answer to that question is yes, buying local food is better. With local food, not only do you lower the cost (both economically and environmentally) of your food, you help bolster the local economy. But let's look at the pros and cans and see what the food tells us. ...continue reading "Is buying local food better? Or are we just being chums?"

So, my grandmother just died. And if you read this article, I mean my other grandmother. And since I've been helping her out recently, I get to be part of the group that decides what we will do with all of her stuff. ...continue reading "When a Relative Dies, What to do with all of the Stuff"

Are you happy? Is what you are doing right for you? Usually I use these posts to give you some information on a food related topic. But today we are branching into lifestyle. ...continue reading "Lifestyle Comment: Do What is Right for You"

Ever hit a deer with your car? Ever been hit by a deer? Well, that is what happened to me. A deer ran right into the side of my car while I was driving 35 miles per hour down the road (I was even going under the speed limit!). Now we all know to call our insurance and figure out what to do with your car. But what do you do with the deer? ...continue reading "Deer Disposal: What to do When Nature Strikes Out"

I got food poisoning the other night, and not from anything I found in a dumpster. And since I didn't have anything prepared for today's post, this is what you get. ...continue reading "Food Poisoning: Woes of Store-Bought Food"

I found this nifty invention that I think all of you might be interested in. Farmbot is a farming tool that may change the way that you garden. ...continue reading "Farmbot Genesis: A New Way to Garden"

The other day my mother was telling me about where papers go for recycling at my grandmother's house. And I just kept asking questions, because what she was telling me made no sense. And then it pissed me off because I know that what is being done is wrong. So I'm going to give you a rant about the correct way to recycle. ...continue reading "Single Stream Problems: Are you recycling correctly?"

Ever heard of Solar Roadways? If you have, I hope you agree that this is super cool. If not, I hope you learn a little something and look a bit more into the technology. ...continue reading "Solar Roadways: Pathway to the Future"

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a program called the Food Recovery Challenge. One aspect of the EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program is the Sustainable Management of Food. Under this umbrella, the EPA presents information about food waste in general, what businesses can do, and what individuals can do. ...continue reading "Sustainability in Food: The Food Recovery Challenge"