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Next week Wednesday is Valentine's day, just in case you are like me and don't always remember those kinds of holidays. I've tried to provide a blurb about how to apply my money-saving and recycling ideas to holiday plans for most major holidays. Since Valentine's day in the United States is basically a consumer driven holiday, for most people, it means buying candies and flowers and going out for dinner if you have a date. ...continue reading "Another Environmental Holiday: Prepping for Valentines"

Back to those life hacks I was talking about: last time I talked about being healthy and how it saves you money. Today I'm going to tell you about another way to save money: reuse items rather than throwing them out and buying new ones. ...continue reading "Life Hacks: Saving Money by Reusing"

I am going to write a few life hacks for those of you who want to save money. Today I am going to discuss healthy choices and how they help you save money. Are you a cheapo like me? Do you have limited funds? Let's talk about how being healthy will help decrease your costs. ...continue reading "Life Hacks: How being healthy saves you money"

I guess it is time for you to read another one of my rants. So, today, I'm going to talk about winter and some of the things that I think you should know. ...continue reading "Winter is here… Well, change certainly is."

So all the big winter holidays are over now. It is time to move on to normal decorations for your house again. But first, you need to clean up the holiday stuff. Still got your Christmas tree or your Hanukkah bush? Are you holding on to it because you don't know what to do with it? Here is what I think: ...continue reading "The holidays are over…. Time to recycle your trees"

'Tis the season and all that crap, right? Well, lots of people are trying to make up for selfishness this time of year and I have the perfect solution. Instead of keeping all of your finds to yourself, why not share them? So let's look at a couple different ways that I think you can utilize dumpster diving and frugalness over the holidays. ...continue reading "Gearing up for the holiday season"

As an ecology TA, every semester I taught a class on ecological ethics. One video that I always showed was about the dumping of electronic waste from the United States on the shores of Accra, Ghana. At this point, that video is probably 5-10 years old. Unfortunately, the issue of electronic waste is not old news. ...continue reading "Electronic waste and what we do with it"

We recently received a question on how do you know if your finds are still good as well as asking if we have inside information about times to check the dumpster. Since these questions seemed like ones others would have, I decided to just write a post about it. ...continue reading "The Insider’s Scoop: Understanding your Dumpster Diving Climate"

For the most part, I think the answer to that question is yes, buying local food is better. With local food, not only do you lower the cost (both economically and environmentally) of your food, you help bolster the local economy. But let's look at the pros and cans and see what the food tells us. ...continue reading "Is buying local food better? Or are we just being chums?"

So, my grandmother just died. And if you read this article, I mean my other grandmother. And since I've been helping her out recently, I get to be part of the group that decides what we will do with all of her stuff. ...continue reading "When a Relative Dies, What to do with all of the Stuff"