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This week's diving turned out pretty well for me. I found a variety of items, differing by which store I visited and which day I visited. So let's look at what I found: ...continue reading "Diving During Week 7 of 2018"

Another week of dumpster diving has passed. This week brought me carbs, veggies and meat to eat this week. Let's start discussing what I did find. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 6 of 2018"

This week I didn't get much chance to dive, but I did manage to get out on Saturday and find a bunch of goodies. Let's talk about what I found. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 5 of 2018"

This week was an interesting week in the dumpster. It seemed it was a week to find things other than food in the dumpster. Let's talk about all the yummy food and no food items I found. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 4 of 2018"

This week seemed to be a week full of sweets in all different shapes and sizes. I should have left them alone so they weren't in my  house, but I couldn't do that. Let's talk about all the things I found. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 3 of 2018"

Another week is over. Thankfully the weather was a little warmer this week. It seemed this was a flowers and chocolate week. Now I'm all ready for Valentine's day. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 2 of 2018"

Despite the bitter cold, I managed to brave the cold long enough to find some interesting goodies to share. Also, my diving was cut short this week when the trash truck complained I was in the way. It's okay because I got the good stuff I wanted. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 1 of 2018"

Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the start of 2018, but we still need to share our last goodies of 2017. This week started out slow, but then I found a lot of holiday cards to have something to talk about. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 52 of 2017"

Another week has passed with all the holiday cheer being thrown into the dumpster. This was a week full of fruits and veggies for me. Thankfully since I was visiting my parents for the holidays the fruits will be enjoyed. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 51 of 2017"

This week has been a bit difficult for me to go diving. I've never had great access to useful dumpsters, and on top of that, its been snowing most of the week so I haven't really wanted to drive. Too many people who can't properly drive in the snow. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 50 of 2017"