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Only a few things from the dumpster

This week has bee a slow week in the dumpster realm. I've gone quite a few days, but I only found things a couple of the days. The things I did find, I was happy to have them. Let's talk about the things I found.


I took one steak while diving this week. I found many different items of meat, but they were all warm. This steak was cool to the touch, so I decided I could take one steak and cook it immediately for dinner.



There were a bunch of plants in the dumpster as well. I rescued an orchid which included a measuring cup for water, a hydrangea, and a mum. Plants are fun to have, although it's always a question of if they will survive with my remembering to water struggle.


I found more Russel Stover's chocolate this week. Since I love chocolate, it's always good to get more.


Somehow it also seemed to be a day to throw out yellow squash. I got quite a few of them while looking for things in the dumpster. There was also one cucumber and a couple honest tea drinks.

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About ctrl-z

I've been dumpster diving for fun since 2012. I mostly go to the food dumpsters as that usually gives me stuff I can use the most. Some of my other interests these days are judo, crossfit, ketogenic diets, and fasting. I'm also a type 1 diabetic which makes things that much more interesting. Also, if you want to save money on all those things you buy online, follow this link to ebates. It will give you a $10 bonus, I'll get a $5 referral bonus. This will allow you to get cash back on purchases online.

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