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Onions, Meat, Veggies, and College Trash

It's been a good week for finding things. I only went a few times this week, but when I did, I found things that made me happy I went.


Bag of onionsTwice this week, I found onions. When I say I found some, I don't mean 1 or two, but enough to keep me stocked for quite a while. I filled a whole flower bucked the first time I found them. The bag of onions I found was about the same amount. I gave some onions to my parents, kept some for myself and gave some to my boyfriend. Hopefully with spreading out the bounty we will be able to eat them before they start going bad. I was happy to get the onions though as I was starting to wonder if I needed to go buy more onions since I was running low.


Rosemary and OreganoTis the season of planting, so finding plants in the dumpster now is always fun. This week I got a rosemary plant and an oregano plant. There were also dead looking flower plants in the dumpster. As the plants didn't look interesting to me, I left those and stuck to the herbs. Next time I make pizza, I'll have to use fresh oregano instead of dried.

A full bag of potting soil was also found in the dumpster. This is nice so I now have more dirt to use depending on how the plants are when I find them. Since I enjoy plants, these were both fun finds.


Lately meat has been found sparingly for me, but I'm always happy when I get it as well. I found a corned beef that Sausagelooked fine, was cold, only looked like the outside had gotten dirty. Nothing a little water couldn't solve for a sealed bag of meat.

I also found some Aidells sausage which is supposed to be grain free and have interesting flavors in it. Also with the sausages, I found summer sausage. The summer sausage is a little past it's best by date, but since it has so many preservatives, I am not too worried.


One day this week, all I got were veggies, but they were a good variety. I got a couple cabbages, some broccoli, celery, lettuce, peppers, and even a couple onions. This was a good find to keep me trying to eat lots of healthy foods.

I plan to make cabbage, onion and sausage for dinner in the next couple of days.

College Trash

I swung by the local college campus this weekend to see what I might find. Not much was found, but the finds I got were useful. I found half a container of tide pods. These just wash my clothing so I'm not concerned about it being open.

I also found some paper plates and paper cups. The cups weren't even open so those were going on my shelf for when I might have need for them. I found unopened Vitamin C Gummies and Benedryl so I took those too. I got some ziploc sandwich bags, some trash bags, and an almost full box of tampons.

Other interesting finds

While looking for tools, I found a grabber. This was useful for me since I had broken my last grabber. A new one that had a strong grips was definitely in order.Grabber

I also got a bar of chocolate and if you haven't figured it out by now, I can never say no to chocolate.


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