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Life Hacks: Saving Money by Reusing

Back to those life hacks I was talking about: last time I talked about being healthy and how it saves you money. Today I'm going to tell you about another way to save money: reuse items rather than throwing them out and buying new ones.

Food Containers

How many GladWare or TupperWare containers have you bought? Or are you cheap and buy the store brand food containers? Well this is where I tell you that you don't need to buy any of those. Rather than spending money on new food containers, why not just reuse food containers from items you already bought? Butter/margarine and yogurt containers make good food holders if you just wash them when they are empty.

Another good use of food containers is as pots for plants or pot bases. Most pots have a hole in the bottom of them, which means water going out the bottom when the plant is watered. Without a base, this means water spilling where you probably don't want it. So, my solution is to use yogurt containers, old lids or even an old frisbee as that base. Or alternatively, I have taken gatorade bottles and cut the top off, then used the bottom as a pot.


What do you do with your old clothing? Is it sitting in a pile in your closet, or did you throw it out already? And when I say old clothing, I mean clothing you will no longer wear, whether it is full of holes and you can't wear it or it just happens to be something you no longer want to wear. If you don't know what to do with your clothing other than throwing it out, let me tell you here:

There are many options for repurposing clothing. You can use your rags to make a rug. You could also make a quilt (out of old T-shirts). Both of those seems like a lot of work, but saving old clothing to make patches for holes in other clothing (like your favorite pair of jeans) is actually pretty easy to deal with.

Other Miscellaneous Items

There are any number of items that can be repurposed. As I am still working on selling things from my grandmother's house, I have been saving boxes and packing materials to reuse on the items I am shipping. I also like to save boxes for moving, since I plan to be moving eventually when I get a real person job.

So what are you repurposing?

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