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Food Poisoning: Woes of Store-Bought Food

I got food poisoning the other night, and not from anything I found in a dumpster. And since I didn't have anything prepared for today's post, this is what you get.

What happened?

So, I'm pretty sure that I either didn't cook the food enough or it was contaminated with some sort of bacteria. But I bought something microwaveable from the grocery store for a quick lunch, and started feeling sick almost immediately after eating it. I then woke up multiple times over the course of the night to purge my stomach, after not having eaten anything else the rest of the day. Let's just say that I didn't have a fun night. Or the next day.

My Point

Now, the reason that I am sharing my sickness has to do with the food that gave it to me. Not once have I ever gotten sick like this from food that I have taken out of a dumpster. And since the main worry of others when I talk about dumpster diving has to do with getting sick from the food...

Basically, I never get sick from dumpster food because I pay more attention. When I am pulling questionably good food out of a very questionably clean place, I double check my food. When I buy from the store, I assume that the food is good. Apparently, that assumption is wrong. Just because you have to pay for the food, doesn't mean it is of higher quality.

We all fall to these assumptions every once in a while. It is hard to pay close attention to everything that you get, but then you have to live with potentially getting food poisoning. But if you pay attention, only grab the quality food from the dumpster and make sure to properly cook it, there is no reason you should worry about getting sick. Properly cooking food is another issue that people undervalue. When I cook something from the dumpster, I make sure that it is completely cooked, and sometimes even over-cooked. I don't mess around with my dumpster food.

And now back to the toilet, hopefully the porcelain gods can help me out. I hope my misfortune can help you learn something.

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