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Diving During Week 6 of 2018

Another week of dumpster diving has passed. This week brought me carbs, veggies and meat to eat this week. Let's start discussing what I did find.


There seemed to be a plethora of frozen pizzas in the dumpster this week so I collected them for some friends. There were a variety of cheese and supreme.

There was also a container of croissants and a loaf of bread which I grabbed for my parents to enjoy.

Fruits and Veggies

This week I grabbed a whole pineapple from the dumpster. I enjoy eating them so I figured I could grab it and cut it up to have a few pieces for a healthy dessert.

The veggies in a bag were an exciting find for me because I wasn't sure what veggies I was going to have for dinner that night. They are nice and easy to cook as they just need 4 minutes in the microwave and I have buttered veggies all ready to eat.

The peppers were a nice grab as I could have these with my eggs in the morning to get veggies into my diet with breakfast. I also enjoyed just eating the cucumber when I got home from my adventures.


This week there were a bunch of salami in the dumpster. This was nice in my opinion as they make great little snacks. I got two flavors, fennel and black truffles.

There was also a package of ground turkey that looked reasonable when I found it so that was a great item to combine with ground beef to make some tacos out of.


I grabbed a few things of yogurt because my sister wanted some yogurt to eat. There was also some yummy cheese that would go great in those eggs with the peppers. The cream I was looking forward to whipping up, but sadly it had gotten whipped before it made it out of the dumpster and I had some nice fresh butter to eat instead.

What did you find this week?

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