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Diving During Week 5 of 2018

This week I didn't get much chance to dive, but I did manage to get out on Saturday and find a bunch of goodies. Let's talk about what I found.


It seemed that the chips were no longer wanted at the store so I found 30 bags of chips. Some of them were expired about a week ago, and some expire in March so I considered this a score. It was even better that I now had something to bring to the party I was going to that evening.

Fruits and Veggies

I found some of my favorite fruits and veggies this weekend too. As you can see there was a head of cauliflower, although it was frozen so it got cooked immediately. There were a bunch of onions which was also perfect since I was down to my last onion. There were also mushrooms that I grabbed.

For fruit, I got a few packages of blueberries which as some of my favorite fruits so those are getting eaten now.


There was a container of gelato in the dumpster. It was a little melted, but that was okay because it still makes excellent milk shakes. It's caramel flavor so one of my favorite flavors. Let's just say it was yummy.

The mixed nuts are also a favorite of mine. These will be a good snack one evening when I need something to munch on.


There was also a bag of rice with a small hole in it. I just was careful with the bag until I got it home and put a piece of tape over the hole. Now I have an easy bag of rice that can be used when someone wants some rice.

Did you find anything this week?

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