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Diving During Week 49 of 2017

A full fridge and it being cold outside made this a week with barely any goodies. I only went dive maybe three days this week and those days were faced with mostly empty dumpsters but I did find a couple good items.


The main items I found this week were about 12 dozen eggs. I was happy for this find as it's been a few weeks since I found eggs and my egg stack was getting low (I was in the single digits for the number of dozen eggs in my fridge). Now I should be all set for another couple weeks without finding eggs.


 The only vegetable I found this week was a helping of asparagus. This was a good find for me as I enjoy asparagus so I took them home and had them that night for dinner.

The rest of the veggies I ate this week were the veggies I had left over from the week before so I still ate well this week.

 Not Every Week Is Bountiful

I just wanted to say that not every week yields more food than I can eat that week. This was one of those weeks due to circumstances and bad timing hitting the dumpster. It's okay though because I take the benefits of the weeks where there is too much food to eat to address the weeks when I just don't get as much food. I'm not discouraged as there is always next week.

What did you find this week?

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I've been dumpster diving for fun since 2012. I mostly go to the food dumpsters as that usually gives me stuff I can use the most. Some of my other interests these days are judo, crossfit, ketogenic diets, and fasting. I'm also a type 1 diabetic which makes things that much more interesting. Also, if you want to save money on all those things you buy online, follow this link to ebates. It will give you a $10 bonus, I'll get a $5 referral bonus. This will allow you to get cash back on purchases online.

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