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Diving During Week 48 of 2017

This week's theme is to be careful what you wish for. My dad has been bugging me to find him cookies, bread, and apples. Let's just say, I found them, plus a few others.

The Requests

So the back story here is that when I first started diving, my parents would just complain that I kept bringing them stuff because the freezer was full or "I shouldn't be eating that." Fast forward about 5 years, and now my dad is trying to push me out the door with requests on what I should find for him. I think he has gotten used to it all, and now instead of shopping, he wants me to find these items. Plus, when he can't convince my mom to cook him cookies, he's just happy to get them.


So dad keeps asking mom for chocolate chip cookies. Well, I solved his problem, for a few days anyway. I grabbed something like 4 containers of "chocolate chip with candy pieces" from one dumpster and the next day grabbed a larger tray of chocolate chip cookies from the other dumpster. There were more of both, but since I couldn't grab the containers without dumping the cookies, that is all he got.


Last week we found cider instead of apples, but I finally found what I've been looking for. I found a box of apples, so now maybe dad can convince mom to make him an apple pie or something. But he asked, so I made sure to grab it when I saw the box.


My dad is a big bread eater. Hence, he also really likes bagels. So, I found a bunch of bagels and brought them home. I also found a few different types of rolls and breads. Here is where I need to mention that I found some "Real Jewish Rye," as opposed to that fake kind of Jewish rye. The bagels were all kinds, but the nice thing is that these were already packaged, whereas before we've always just found a giant bag of mixed bagels which need to be packaged. This is just an indication that different stores do things differently, but they all have the same products.

For the rolls, there were bollilo rolls as well as those cheese covered rolls that my brother likes. I also found some frosted flakes and oatmeal, which went to my parents.

Other Stuff






In addition to the requested items, I found a bunch of other stuff. There were fruit and vegetable bowls. I ate most of the fruit the first 2 days after I found it and the veggies went into my soup for lunch. I also found broccoli, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, squash, salsa, and a cabbage mix. I cooked most of these items right away, since I didn't really have many good veggies in the house. I also found red potatoes. The potatoes can be eaten by my parents.


I found over 11 lbs of ground beef one day, which we turned into spaghetti sauce. We also found some hot Italian sausage and steaks. There were also more beef hot dogs, which went straight to my parents since they were complaining about having used up all the ones in the freezer.

In other proteins, I found these egg, nut, and cheese things that seemed like a great idea for breakfast. They included one hard-boiled egg, some almonds, and some white cheddar cheese cubes. With 2 of them, it made an easy breakfast one morning.

I also found some cheese. There was some brie, which I don't really enjoy much, so I gave it to my sister. I also found some sliced Swiss cheese, which I used with the hamburgers, because I like cheeseburgers.

Weird Stuff

Now, I like to talk about the weird things that the stores leave out next to their dumpsters because, well, it is interesting and a good laugh. So, need a mini-fridge?

In all, I had a very successful week diving. Found lots of stuff and had a few laughs.

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