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Thanksgiving: Diving During Week 47 of 2017

This week was a busy week and I was hoping for apples to make an apple pie, but instead I got a lot of apple cider. This was exciting to me as I've been wanting to make hard cider recently. Soon, I'll post about my cider making adventures. Let's see what I got.


I found 12 gallons of apple cider in the dumpster that expired a couple weeks ago. There were actually more in the dumpster, but I decided 12 gallons was more than enough since I only have a brewing kit for 2 gallons and everyone else can only drink so much at once.

Fruits and Veggies

This week there was some yummy veggies which was great for the holidays so we could have lots of fresh veggies with our turkey. As you can see, there was a cantaloupe that needed to be eaten. It was brought to my parents the next day and we ate it for lunch. The brussel sprouts and cauliflower got roasted this weekend.

There was also broccoli, a zucchini and two different types of lettuce to eat. This meant we had salads for dinner each day while I was visiting my parents. The broccoli provided a few meals as well.

Baked Goods

For baked goods this week, I found a peach pie. I grabbed it since I know many people in my family like peaches and rarely get it in pie form. I also found a bag of bagels this week that went to my parents so my dad had more bagels to each since he was running low.

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