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Diving During Week 44 of 2017

Another week has come to an end. This was a decent week for finding things. Once again plants seem to be a popular item in the dumpster. Let's see what I got.


This week it looks like assorted foliage was the item we were tossing out. They are nice looking plants which will hopefully look nice all winter. The cats seem to enjoy chewing on the green leaves.

There was also a pretty flower as well. They hopefully will look decent next time they bloom.


It seemed like another week for bread and baked goods. As you can see there were more pumpernickel rolls, a loaf of white bread, a thing of cookies, another cake and some turnovers. These all went in the freezer and they will be given to my parents the next time I see them.

Fruits and Veggies

It is that time of year where tangerines are in season and in the stores. There were a bunch of these boxes in the dumpster, but I just grabbed one. I'm sure these will get eaten and be yummy.


There was also riced cauliflower and broccoli. This was a yummy little meal with butter I had when I found them.

Breakfast Foods

I found a bunch of damaged boxes of various types of processed goodies. There were pop-tarts and cereal. There were also a couple boxes of granola bars and graham crackers. Thankfully I have a friend who will enjoy these items.


Lastly, there were hotdogs in the dumpster that I found. When I got to them, they were still cold so I was happy to grab them. They went into the freezer, but will be a nice easy meal when I'm being lazy.

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