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Diving During Week 43 of 2017

Another week is over. I didn't get around to diving much this week, but I got a couple interesting things.


This was another week of plants. I got a bunch of basil that looked on it's last legs. I'm hoping that it will recover nicely and then I can have basil to put in my pizza.

There were also a bunch of orchids in the dumpster. I took 5 of the orchids to see if I can get them to flower this year. I have gotten into orchids in the last few years as I keep finding them.


This was another week that I found some bread and muffins. They went into the freezer to be given to those who enjoy the breads.

Fruits and Veggies

I got a few bananas this week. These are always yummy as they give me extra potassium. There were also so more peppers, and onion and some cut veggies that will go well with eggs.


The most interesting thing I saw this week was a freezer from the store. It was by the dumpsters so I assume it was fair game. Sadly, it wouldn't fit in my car or my house so I had to leave it. What would you have done with this?

Toilet Paper

The other nice find was the package of toilet paper. It was open, but since it isn't something I will eat, I'm not so concerned. I don't think my butt will care that the paper was exposed to the air.

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