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Diving During Week 41 of 2017

Another week of diving is complete. It started out slow, but on Friday I managed to find a bunch of yummy items. Let's look at the fun items I found this week.


Another week of egg finds means that my fridge is still full of eggs. I added 14 dozen to the pile of eggs in my fridge which means it is time to do some baking. Also it might be time to do hard boiled eggs and general work on eating eggs more. I also am heading to my parents this weekend so they can have a few more dozen eggs. Sadly they are still full from all the previous eggs I've given them.


This is the season of mums, so the stores are starting to throw out the mums that don't look so good anymore. I saw a bunch in the dumpster the other day, but only grabbed one as that was about all that was within my reach. This will look nice next year once it has new flowers on it.

Meat and Cheese

I found prosciutto wrapped mozzarella to much on for a snack. The first package went when I got home because I was hungry and it was a nice little bite to eat.

Fruits and Veggies

This week was mostly full of fruit. Since my parents enjoy a lot of fruits, I was happy to grab them all. As you can see there were oranges, pears, tomatoes, lemons and limes.

There was also a package of candied dried fruit. I was amazed how popular this was as I dropped stuff at my parents and then ran out for an errand or two. The package was half gone by the time I came back.

There also was a 3 lb bag of onions and a butternut squash to collect. The onions were useful since my parents were down to 3 onions from the last time I gave them onions. It's always good when I find things at the right time.

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