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Diving During Week 4 of 2018

This week was an interesting week in the dumpster. It seemed it was a week to find things other than food in the dumpster. Let's talk about all the yummy food and no food items I found.


It seemed that since January of 2018 was coming to a close, the 2018 calendars were no longer worth selling so they ended up in the dumpster. I got quite a variety of calendars so now I have one calendar for every room in my house. I have cats, dogs, and goats in trees now.

Pots and Pans

This week also had a very nice frying pan with lid in the dumpster. Fortunately, the glass lid was whole and the pan looked perfect. I wasn't quite sure why the pan was tossed, but the plastic wrap looked a little messed up. You know that the packaging being open affects how useful the pan can be.

I figured that their loss would be my gain in the form of a new pan for me to cook with.

Fruits and Veggies

As you can see from my pictures, there were quite a variety of fruits and veggies this week. For the fruits, I got oranges and grapes. Both of these are fruits I know my parents enjoy so I collected these to give to them.

There was also broccoli with butter in a bag that was nice and yummy to eat. There was also a salad for me to eat for lunch and a jar of tomato sauce for me to use later to make some pizza.


There was some meat with fajita seasoning already mixed into the meat. I was excited about this find as it meant fajitas for dinner the night I found it. I cooked it up with some frozen peppers and onions I had in the house.


It seems that bread items keep being found every day. Here are a couple of bagels, some loaves of bread and a nice pecan danish. These items went straight into my freezer for others to eat when they are over.


I also found a bag of roasted peanuts that were a little old, but as long as they don't taste rancid, they should be fine to eat and even tasty.

Did you find anything interesting this week?

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