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Diving During Week 39 of 2017

Another week is over, so lets talk about what I got this week. I didn't go diving much this week, and when I swung by, I didn't see much. I did find some fudge this week which was something different, but I gave it to some friends because I didn't need that much sugar in my diet. On to the items I got


My fridge has been stuffed with eggs the last few weeks if you haven't noticed from all the posts about eggs. I got rid of 10 dozen to my parents, and 10 dozen to my boyfriend so I was down to single digit numbers of eggs in my fridge. Then I immediately got another 10 dozen eggs to put back in my fridge.


I found a couple of packages of cheese. I always love having cheese since it is a good source of fat, but very little carbs. There was also a package of butter. You can tell it was tossed because someone dropped it and the corner was disfigured. The best thing was this is a European style butter which is always more tasty that our normal american butter.


I found a few peppers and some broccoli.  This made me happy since I like both of these veggies. The morning after I found these, I made an omelette with onion that I found a few weeks ago, pepper and broccoli. This also helped use up some of those eggs I put back into my fridge.


This is the maple walnut fudge I found in the dumpster the other day. I always find these sorts of things exciting to find as I never want to spend money on them. I would have liked a bite, but decided that giving it away was the smarter move for me. My friend who got it definitely enjoyed it.

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I've been dumpster diving for fun since 2012. I mostly go to the food dumpsters as that usually gives me stuff I can use the most. Some of my other interests these days are judo, crossfit, ketogenic diets, and fasting. I'm also a type 1 diabetic which makes things that much more interesting. Also, if you want to save money on all those things you buy online, follow this link to ebates. It will give you a $10 bonus, I'll get a $5 referral bonus. This will allow you to get cash back on purchases online.

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