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Diving during Week 35 of 2017: Plant Edition

Another busy week is over. I sadly am not sure why the weeks have been so busy, but again it was. This week when I did manage to swing by the dumpsters, it seemed plants were the most likely thing to be found. Lets talk about the items I acquired this week.


I found a few plants this week. This included a couple of orchids, a evergreen, a plant I'm not sure what it is, and a few empty pots. I am usually sad about the orchids because they seem to always break the steams with the flowers on it. Thankfully since it is a living thing, it is able to recover.

The evergreen was the a nice looking plant that hopefully will withstand my inability to water things regularly. The other plant was pretty so I figured it could be nice to have. The thing I like about these plants is they all come in clay pots which are worth it even if the plants don't survive. My mom enjoys plants so I give her the pots since she can always fill them.


The only real veggie I saw this week that was worth grabbing was broccoli. Though I got enough broccoli to last me a few weeks at least, eating it 3 meals a day. There was a whole box in the dumpster of it. I only took about 4 of the big heads, which is plenty. It's always feast or famine in the dumpster.

I also got some basil. I know this is more of a herb than a veggie, but it fits in the green leafy plant category. Now I'm going to have to get some mozzarella to eat with the basil.


There was a bag of cheese bagels this week. Since I have someone who enjoys theses a lot, I decided to grab them. I always get yelled at when I pass these up, so they are now in my freezer for the next time he is looking for food at my place.


There was a package of sealed M&Ms in the dumpster this week. As I love chocolate, I decided these were worth grabbing. The nice thing about this package is they are the fun size packages so I don't end up eating the whole big bag in one sitting. Opening a package makes me at least think about getting another package before I dig in.

What have you been finding recently? Post to the comments and let me know.

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