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Diving During Week 1 of 2018

Despite the bitter cold, I managed to brave the cold long enough to find some interesting goodies to share. Also, my diving was cut short this week when the trash truck complained I was in the way. It's okay because I got the good stuff I wanted.


Twice this week I found a box of eggs to add to my eggs in the fridge. I guess it was about time as I had gotten rid of some eggs the last couple of weeks. I collected another 20 dozen eggs this week so I think I will be set for a month or so. Maybe it's time to do some baking.

Christmas Wreaths

I found a bunch of Christmas wreaths tossed in the dumpster when I was looking at it. They looked nice, but when I touched one, it started to flake off. I didn't actually bring any home with me as these seemed to be made of real pine and I didn't need to bring a fire hazard into my house. I was just sad that these were in the dumpster instead of disposed of properly.


It seemed this week was the week to throw out a lot of expired granola. I grabbed them because I figured my mom would enjoy these when she got a chance to eat them. I was amazed that these had a best buy date of 2016. It seems they have been on the shelf for a little longer than the store would have liked.


It seems that fancy coffee was also tossed as well. There were a bunch of these boxes in the dumpster, but I was only able to get my hands on the one. I gave this to my coffee loving boyfriend since I won't touch the stuff myself.

Meats and Veggies

I found a package of bacon this week as well. I think that might already be gone since I haven't had much bacon in awhile. The bananas were for my family since I'm not usually one to eat them. I also enjoyed the cucumber, and a frozen pepper that went straight into some pizza.


These are great little coffee stirs or snacks after dinner. There were probably about a dozen of these packages. Those who I shared them with told me they were yummy.


Sure Jell

I was excited to see these as recently my mom was cooking some jelly and running low on pectin. Now I have 6 more containers and she should be all set the next time I give her too much fruit that she will need to cook down.

Did you so any diving in the freezing cold this week?

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I've been dumpster diving for fun since 2012. I mostly go to the food dumpsters as that usually gives me stuff I can use the most. Some of my other interests these days are judo, crossfit, ketogenic diets, and fasting. I'm also a type 1 diabetic which makes things that much more interesting. Also, if you want to save money on all those things you buy online, follow this link to ebates. It will give you a $10 bonus, I'll get a $5 referral bonus. This will allow you to get cash back on purchases online.

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