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I'm not sure snickerdoodles are technically considered a holiday cookie, but they are my holiday cookie. We might get coerced into making gingerbread cookies too, but these are for us. We were going to make paleo cookies, but since we added butter, these snickerdoodles aren't quite paleo.  ...continue reading "Holiday Recipes: Keto Snickerdoodles"

Another week has passed with all the holiday cheer being thrown into the dumpster. This was a week full of fruits and veggies for me. Thankfully since I was visiting my parents for the holidays the fruits will be enjoyed. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 51 of 2017"

'Tis the season and all that crap, right? Well, lots of people are trying to make up for selfishness this time of year and I have the perfect solution. Instead of keeping all of your finds to yourself, why not share them? So let's look at a couple different ways that I think you can utilize dumpster diving and frugalness over the holidays. ...continue reading "Gearing up for the holiday season"

This week has been a bit difficult for me to go diving. I've never had great access to useful dumpsters, and on top of that, its been snowing most of the week so I haven't really wanted to drive. Too many people who can't properly drive in the snow. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 50 of 2017"

As an ecology TA, every semester I taught a class on ecological ethics. One video that I always showed was about the dumping of electronic waste from the United States on the shores of Accra, Ghana. At this point, that video is probably 5-10 years old. Unfortunately, the issue of electronic waste is not old news. ...continue reading "Electronic waste and what we do with it"

A full fridge and it being cold outside made this a week with barely any goodies. I only went dive maybe three days this week and those days were faced with mostly empty dumpsters but I did find a couple good items. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 49 of 2017"

Since we found something like 11 lbs of ground beef earlier this week and it didn't really look like it would last, we decided to just cook it all right away. We made spaghetti sauce to have with spaghetti squash.  ...continue reading "Slow Cooker Keto Spaghetti Sauce"

This week's theme is to be careful what you wish for. My dad has been bugging me to find him cookies, bread, and apples. Let's just say, I found them, plus a few others. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 48 of 2017"