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A full fridge and it being cold outside made this a week with barely any goodies. I only went dive maybe three days this week and those days were faced with mostly empty dumpsters but I did find a couple good items. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 49 of 2017"

Since we found something like 11 lbs of ground beef earlier this week and it didn't really look like it would last, we decided to just cook it all right away. We made spaghetti sauce to have with spaghetti squash.  ...continue reading "Slow Cooker Keto Spaghetti Sauce"

This week's theme is to be careful what you wish for. My dad has been bugging me to find him cookies, bread, and apples. Let's just say, I found them, plus a few others. ...continue reading "Diving During Week 48 of 2017"