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Ever hit a deer with your car? Ever been hit by a deer? Well, that is what happened to me. A deer ran right into the side of my car while I was driving 35 miles per hour down the road (I was even going under the speed limit!). Now we all know to call our insurance and figure out what to do with your car. But what do you do with the deer? ...continue reading "Deer Disposal: What to do When Nature Strikes Out"

I was out of town this week, so it wasn't until Saturday that I was able to get anything from the dumpsters. Let's dive into what I found this week.


There was a box of eggs in the dumpster this weekend. I was happy to find this since I was down to about 6 dozen eggs in my fridge after sharing the eggs with people while I was out of town. Sadly with all the broken eggs, I only got 3 dozen total.


I found a couple heads of cauliflower. One was green and the other was white. I'm not sure what is so exciting about green cauliflower over the normal white cauliflower, but I figure it was just as yummy as the white stuff. I get to try it myself now.I also found a bag of kale this week. I try to eat kale when I find it as it is supposed to be one of the healthier veggies for you. Since I found the bag, the kale has made it into my eggs and in my soup. I'll probably fry up a bunch with onions and ground meat later this week.


Here is a sample of the bread I found this week. I grabbed three or four bags of bread type items and a bag with a dozen or so bagels.



What did you find this week? Let me know in the comments.

I got food poisoning the other night, and not from anything I found in a dumpster. And since I didn't have anything prepared for today's post, this is what you get. ...continue reading "Food Poisoning: Woes of Store-Bought Food"

Another busy week is over. I sadly am not sure why the weeks have been so busy, but again it was. This week when I did manage to swing by the dumpsters, it seemed plants were the most likely thing to be found. Lets talk about the items I acquired this week.


I found a few plants this week. This included a couple of orchids, a evergreen, a plant I'm not sure what it is, and a few empty pots. I am usually sad about the orchids because they seem to always break the steams with the flowers on it. Thankfully since it is a living thing, it is able to recover.

The evergreen was the a nice looking plant that hopefully will withstand my inability to water things regularly. The other plant was pretty so I figured it could be nice to have. The thing I like about these plants is they all come in clay pots which are worth it even if the plants don't survive. My mom enjoys plants so I give her the pots since she can always fill them.


The only real veggie I saw this week that was worth grabbing was broccoli. Though I got enough broccoli to last me a few weeks at least, eating it 3 meals a day. There was a whole box in the dumpster of it. I only took about 4 of the big heads, which is plenty. It's always feast or famine in the dumpster.

I also got some basil. I know this is more of a herb than a veggie, but it fits in the green leafy plant category. Now I'm going to have to get some mozzarella to eat with the basil.


There was a bag of cheese bagels this week. Since I have someone who enjoys theses a lot, I decided to grab them. I always get yelled at when I pass these up, so they are now in my freezer for the next time he is looking for food at my place.


There was a package of sealed M&Ms in the dumpster this week. As I love chocolate, I decided these were worth grabbing. The nice thing about this package is they are the fun size packages so I don't end up eating the whole big bag in one sitting. Opening a package makes me at least think about getting another package before I dig in.

What have you been finding recently? Post to the comments and let me know.