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I found this nifty invention that I think all of you might be interested in. Farmbot is a farming tool that may change the way that you garden. ...continue reading "Farmbot Genesis: A New Way to Garden"

This was a good week in the dumpsters. I didn't have a ton of time to check out the dumpsters this week, but when I did stop, I found things I wanted. ...continue reading "Diving during Week 34 of 2017"

The other day my mother was telling me about where papers go for recycling at my grandmother's house. And I just kept asking questions, because what she was telling me made no sense. And then it pissed me off because I know that what is being done is wrong. So I'm going to give you a rant about the correct way to recycle. ...continue reading "Single Stream Problems: Are you recycling correctly?"

It's been a busy week for me this past week. I got sun burnt and didn't have much energy to go diving. The couple of times I swung by, the dumpsters were empty. Luckily this morning I swing by on one last ditch effort to see what was there and got a few goodies. There were other veggies in the dumpster which I didn't take, but most of the veggies were warm and I didn't think I'd eat them before they went back, so I let them stay. On to what I did take. ...continue reading "Diving during Week 33 of 2017"

Ever heard of Solar Roadways? If you have, I hope you agree that this is super cool. If not, I hope you learn a little something and look a bit more into the technology. ...continue reading "Solar Roadways: Pathway to the Future"

muesli recallSeven Sundays LLC of Minneapolis, MN is recalling their Vanilla Cherry Pecan Muesli 12 oz. pouches because it may contain undeclared almonds. The recalled item, Vanilla Cherry Pecan Muesli 12 oz., was distributed nationwide in retail stores. For more information, check here. I figure, unless you have an almond allergy, this stuff sounds pretty good.

In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started a program called the Food Recovery Challenge. One aspect of the EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program is the Sustainable Management of Food. Under this umbrella, the EPA presents information about food waste in general, what businesses can do, and what individuals can do. ...continue reading "Sustainability in Food: The Food Recovery Challenge"

Agroson’s LLC is recalling 2,483 boxes of Maradol Papaya Cavi Brand, grown and packed by Carica de Campeche. They buy from the same farms as other brands that have tested positive for Salmonella. The farm that grew the papayas is listed on the upper left side of the master carton, CARICA DE CAMPHE. These were distributed to NY, CT, and NJ.

For more info, read the FDA recall.


Paper Shredder

The most interesting item of the week was a paper shredder. I went looking for yummy veggies and instead of veggies, I saw this paper shredder. I debated about taking it since I thought maybe it wouldn't work, but decided it was worth the chance. When I got home, I plugged it in and it looks to work just fine. There might be some issues with the auto sensor of when a paper is put in the shredder, but otherwise, all is good.

This was good for me since I burned out my last paper shredder so I haven't had one for awhile. I like shredding mail that I get since credit card companies love to send me pre-approvals and those checks for cash advances. Now I have a shredder I can use again.


I got quite a bit of fruit this week. If you look, there was a bunch of apples, some mandarins, and a few grapes. All of these are good fruits to have and yummy. I liked the variety that was in the box.

I also got a bunch of plantains in the box so I'll have to give cooking them another go. It didn't work out so well last time, so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.


This seemed to be the week for yellow squash. I found two boxes full of them one day, and found a bunch more later in the week. I enjoy them, but sadly can't eat enough to not have all of those go bad.

I also got some other veggies so I could have variety in my diet this week. It seems that peppers, broccoli, and cucumbers are on the menu. There seems to be enough for me to be eating peppers for a few weeks along with all the other goodies.

That's about all I got this week which doesn't seem like a ton, but is actually quite a bit of food.

What have you found recently? Let me know in the comments.