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I guess it's time for another one of these.  I was trying to decide what I wanted to talk about today and I just kept thinking about food waste.  But I've done food waste, in each of its sectors: production, retail, and consumers.  So what was there left to talk about, right?  Well, all of those sectors are about how food is wasted today and things we can do about that right now.  But what about in 30 years when the Earth's population has grown to over 9 billion, and we don't have the resources to feed everyone?  So let's talk about future food.  Let's talk about how to make sure we can all eat in another 30 years. ...continue reading "Future Food: Will there be enough to go around?"

This week was a good week for dumpster diving and staying on the ketogenic diet.  Wholly guacamole was plentiful this week as I collected 11 lbs of it. This is a great find as avocados are the cornerstone of my diet as well as every paleo, low carb, and ketogenic diet around.

Bacon was the other find of the week. This is always a favorite as bacon makes everything better. Once again, most people I know believe you can never have too much bacon.  The other great thing about bacon is all the fat that comes from the bacon that I can then cook all my food in.

The other interesting thing I found this week was lots of chocolate and candy.  This was a bunch of Hammond candy.  It had caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, lemon drops, and other chocolate.

jose ole taquitos recallAjinomoto Windsor, Inc., a Lampasas, Texas establishment, is recalling approximately 35,168 pounds of frozen ready-to-eat beef taquito products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically rubber with plastic.  The recalled product is 60-oz. plastic bags inside of a corrugated carton labeled as “JOSÉ OLÉ TAQUITOS BEEF CARNE DE RES IN CORN TORTILLAS Crispy and Crunchy.”  These items were shipped to retail locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming.  For more information, check here.  If you come across this product and are willing to deal with possible "rubber with plastic" that needs to be removed, go ahead and grab it.

One person's trash is another person's treasure.  This little saying is often expressed, not in relation to dumpster diving, but in relation to hand-me-downs and the like.  In this case, it is an expression of taking dumpster finds and turning them into useful things.  One college student in Boston has taken it to another level.  The Gleaners' Kitchen is an underground restaurant run using only dumpster goods.

A Dumpster Diving Restaurant

This dumpster diving restaurant is a project about undermining the capitalist regime that we live in.  A capitalist regime insists that a product's value is intrinsically related to the sellability of the product.  Changing this philosophy is the goal of The Gleaners' Kitchen.  Instead of being related to sellability, value should be linked to usability.  This dumpster diving restaurant provides a place for free exchange of items of value.  Although this means the exchange of any type of item, let's focus on the food.

The owners of Gleaners' Kitchen provide high quality food, found in a dumpster, to any who ask for it.  This is mainly in the case of collecting items from the dumpster, then providing their finds for any who want them.  The Gleaners' Kitchen also caters for specific events.  In addition to creating food from their dumpster finds, these Gleaners have created a garden filled with veggies grown from past-prime finds.

The Gleaners' Kitchen provides many opportunities.  One enterprising Tufts student used dumpster diving for Gleaners' Kitchen for her honor's thesis in the form of a dumpster study.  In this study, the student tallied statistics on the food found in a particular dumpster over 14 days.  This study analyzed the amount of money thrown into a grocery store's dumpster on a daily basis.

Although The Gleaners' Kitchen is an experiment in overthrowing the capitalist regime that we live in, it's an experiment worth doing.  I am thoroughly impressed by this group of college students who decided that their vision was worth exploring.  With the amount of food wasted, any chance to decrease that is worthwhile.

What other experimental projects do you know of that use dumpster diving in a similar fashion?

Asian microgreens recallChloroFields of Lawrence, KS is recalling 20 cases of Asian Microgreens, because they have potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.  The products were distributed throughout Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, and were made available through retail grocery stores.  The recalled product is identified as Asian Mix Microgreens.  For more information, check here.  If you come across these microgreens, do not eat them for your own safety!

Whiskey Hill Smokehouse LLC., a Hubbard, Ore. establishment, is recalling approximately 22,466 pounds of beef, venison and ostrich jerky products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens.  The products contain soy, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.  The products that have been recalled are:

  • Bakke Brothers Brand HONEY GLAZED BEEF JERKY
  • Bakke Brothers Brand CHILI ‘LICIOUS BEEF JERKY
  • Mt. Shadow Foods, LLC Peppered Beef Jerky
  • Mt. Shadow Foods, LLC Honey Jalapeño Beef Jerky
  • HOT The Jerky Hut GOLDEN NUGGETS Sweet & Tender BEEF JERKY
  • Bakke Brothers Brand GHOST PEPPERED BEEF JERKY
  • Bakke Brothers Brand PEPPERED BEEF JERKY
  • Bakke Brothers Brand HONEY JALAPEÑO BEEF JERKY
  • Bakke Brothers Brand GARLIC LOVERS BEEF JERKY
  • The Jerky Hut GOLDEN NUGGETS Sweet & Tender BEEF JERKY

For more specific information on the recalled products, check here.  These items were shipped nationwide.  If you do not suffer from a soy allergy, go ahead and grab the jerky.


Why A 5 Day Water Fast?

There are many reasons why one would fast.  Let me explain to you the journey I took in the last month that brought me to this fasting experiment.

I'm a diabetic. It's been over 20 years now since I was diagnosed in 1996 at the age of 13. I see the doctor every 6 months, give or take, and have my HbA1c taken. Mine is usually in the 7-8 range. While this is high, it's not something I've worried about a whole lot. Over the years, I've done low carb, paleo, gluten free, almost no carb, but have only once in this time gotten an HbA1c result below 7. The last doctor's appointment in February had my HbA1c at 8.6. The doctor was not happy, and I decided I was going to show him. ...continue reading "5 Day Water Fast Results of a Type 1 Diabetic Female: Why, How, And What Happened"


Dumpster Greeting Cards

Everyone I know loves to read the funny greeting cards when they are looking for a birthday card. This past week, I found a whole trash bag full of them. I started to look though all the dumpster greeting cards this weekend, and enjoyed reading all of them. Most of the cards I got were ones that play music. I'm not usually one to give birthday cards, but since I have so many, I need to figure out what to do with them. I do plan to give a few to some coworkers as a good joke, but that only works a couple of times. ...continue reading "Dumpster Greeting Cards are aplenty, Happy Birthday to me"

thyme recallAroma Imports Inc. of Dearborn Heights, MI, is recalling 450 g and 4.5 kg packages of Nabelsi brand Thyme because the products have the potential to contain excessive levels of lead.  The recalled Nabelsi Thyme was distributed to retailers, food service establishments, and wholesalers in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia.  For more information, check here.  Since lead isn't good for anybody in these quantities, I suggest that you do not take this thyme.

trader joes recall: burritoFlagship Food Group, an Albuquerque, N.M. establishment, is recalling approximately 8,622 pounds of a frozen burrito product that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically hard clear plastic.  The recalled product is a 12-oz. 12”x5” paper card with plastic overwrap package labeled as “TRADER JOSE’S BREAKFAST BURRITOS Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese, Turkey Bacon,” lot code 266, SKU 96132 with package code A26616PFFG3 and case code 100-101280.  This item was shipped to retail distribution centers in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  For more information, check here.  Although I cannot determine where the plastic has been found, I would imagine that it could be picked out.  Therefore, I am suggesting that you go give a look see if you are interested in this product.